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UKSG mobile webinar

Myself and Ben Showers (Jisc) were invited to deliver a webinar this afternoon on behalf of UKSG on the topic of mobile technologies. The details are below:

The Mobile Advantage: Developing mobile services and resources for libraries and content providers

Ben Showers (Jisc) and Jo Alcock (Birmingham City University)

Session aim

To equip attendees with an understanding of the current mobile landscape and to help them consider the impact this has on libraries, publishers and users in providing access to resources and services.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the current mobile landscape including mobile devices, technologies, and latest developments
  • Share example case studies of how mobile technologies have been used to support delivery of library services and library content
  • Plan next steps forward for investigating use of mobile technologies in their own work environment

Session overview

The webinar will provide an overview of current developments in mobile services and resources for libraries and content providers. We will set the scene by sharing some facts and figures about the current mobile landscape and considering this in a library environment.

The main body of the webinar will focus on sharing examples, advice, and case studies in the following thematic areas:

  1. Developing Mobile Library Services
  2. Access to Content
  3. The Mobile Advantage

We will conclude with a reality check to apply the ideas into a real world context and a call to action for those considering developing mobile services or mobile content.

We hope to provide attendees with an overview of some of the interesting ways libraries and publishers are using mobile devices to help deliver content and services to users. Some examples include:

Mobile library services:

Access to content:

We also wanted to highlight to attendees some examples of intiatives that have only been made possible by mobile technologies, which we termed as ‘The Mobile Advantage’. This included:

Mobile technologies provide us with an opportunity to do something new; to rethink the ways we’ve always done things. The particular affordances of mobile (its portability, functionality, personalisation) mean it enables things to be done in new ways, and for new things to emerge entirely.

Hopefully, the examples and resources shared in this post, the blog and the community as a whole highlight that developing mobile services and content doesn’t need to be expensive or complex. Rather, there are a number of cheap or free services and approaches that mean there shouldn’t be any barriers to getting started with mobile library development.

For more resources see the #mlibs resources widget in the right hand side of the blog (which you can subscribe to if you wish).