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Recent project presentations

We’ve recently given two presentations at m-library events.

NoWAL event

The first was on December 2nd at Edge Hill University where we facilitated a brief discussion on use of mobile devices in libraries. During the discussion everyone shared resources (which have been added to the social bookmarks displayed in the sidebar on the blog), as well as sharing some of the initiatives or ideas they have been trying. We heard about a Kindle loaning scheme, using iPads to support roving enquiries, a University wide mobile app, and BiblioApp, a free mobile app to help with referencing.

Our brief presentation is embedded below:

ARLIS event

The second event was earlier this week on December 12th, an ARLIS event on m-learning and e-learning. Interestingly, one of the presenters at this event was an academic who discussed the way they have been using Facebook to communicate with students rather than Blackboard due to better functionality and the fact that students can access Facebook on their mobiles.

Our presentation (embedded below) gave numerous example of mobile technology initiatives in libraries, as well as an introduction to the m-library project:

Future events

We’re due to present at the American Library Association LITA Mobile Computing Interest Group webinar (listed under LITA Mobile IG Meeting) in early January, where we hope to be able to open dialogue between UK and America.

Do you know of any other m-library events which the project should aim to attend? (We are aware of m-libraries conference in Sept 2012 and LILAC in April 2012).

Upcoming m-library events

There are a number of upcoming events either focused on m-libraries or with mobile devices as one of the themes. Over the next few weeks, members of the project team will be at the following relevant events:

We will be giving a presentation at both the NoWAL and ARLIS events and are keen to continue to collect information and get your views on how an m-library community could help you. Many thanks to those of you who have already completed the fact finding survey – if you haven’t yet please do: http://svy.mk/mlibs1.

Hope to see some of you at these events to talk about m-libraries 🙂