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M-libraries community – future plans

The JISC m-library support project has been listening to the community to understand the needs and how we can help support them in a sustainable way after the project ends. It’s clear from the number of subscribers to both the project blog and to the community website that there is a lot of interest in mobile technologies in libraries. However, traffic to the community site and discussions from the community has been relatively low. We are therefore proposing moving from the community website to an email discussion list which will facilitate discussion and sharing of information via email (which was a common request from the m-libraries information sharing event).

We feel that a web presence is advantageous and appreciate that a mailing list isn’t an ideal solution for discovering information. We therefore propose to continue with a blog (though it may move location). The blog will share news, resources and information of relevance to the area of mobile technologies in libraries, as well as being a way to share case studies and examples of good practice.

A full document of our findings and recommendations is available and we welcome any feedback on the proposed plan.

Mobile technologies in libraries: information sharing event

Many thanks to those of you who attended the mobile technologies in libraries event in Birmingham earlier this week.

Over 50 attendees joined us for a keynote from James Clay, eight lightning talks from a variety of different libraries, and two workshop sessions (from a choice of eight). Myself and the organising team would like to thank everyone who got involved in delivering a talk or facilitating a breakout session.

Lots of materials are being added to the Lanyrd page from the event, and we’ll continue to add more resources from the day including presentations, blog posts and other useful links. We’ll also be blogging about the breakout sessions with a brief overview of the session and any relevant resources.

We’re conducting a feedback survey and so far the feedback is mainly positive, with lots of examples of ideas being taken back to workplaces to be taken forward in other libraries which is fantastic. There have also been some useful suggestions for ways the event could have been improved and other areas people would like to attend events on. There are a number of future events on mobile technologies that we know are being planned, so we’ll highlight relevant events on the blog that you may be interested in – subscribe via the links in the sidebar from the blog homepage to receive blog updates.

Please also keep an eye on the m-libraries community website and join in the discussions on there – we got some useful feedback on the day about this and we hope to be able to develop it further to support the community’s needs. What sort of information do you need in order to support mobile technology developments in your library? How would you like to receive it? Is there anything you’d like to contribute? There’s a feedback mechanism on the site so please do let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions for improvement.

Invitation to join m-libraries online community

As part of the JISC m-library community support project and based on the feedback provided from our survey at the beginning of the project, we have created an online community for anyone interested in mobile technologies in libraries. This is an experimental development and we would like to invite you to join the community and try it out, and leave us feedback on what you think – whether or not you think it is useful, how it could be improved, or alternative ideas.

The community website is available at: https://mlibraries.jiscinvolve.org/community

Community website screenshot

Community website screenshot (click image to go to community)

You can view information in the community without logging in, though to contribute you’ll need to set up an account which only takes a couple of minutes. Once you have logged in you can join any groups that interest you and choose to receive updates if you wish, either by RSS or by email.

Please feel free to jump straight in – comment on existing content or create your own discussion topics in the forums. Maybe you’d like to share innovative ideas you have been trying at your library, or you have a specific problem or issue that you’d like to discuss with others, or perhaps you’d just like advice on where to start with implementing mobile technologies in your library.

We would really welcome your feedback on the community site and what you would like for the future. There is a feedback option on the left hand side of the site – please do use it to leave ideas, problems, questions or praise. There is also a feedback discussion topic in the General group which you may wish to use.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the site!