Risk analysis

Scale: 1=low 5=high.  Likelihood x Severity = Impact.

Risk L S I Response
Loss of staff 1 3 3 Staff are on permanent contracts and committed to the project.  Additional support can be provided from other staff in the service at short notice.
Unable to complete to sufficient quality 1 5 5 The agile responsive approach and regular progress reporting will ensure activities will be configured iteratively to maximize quality of outputs.  Previous track record of quality delivery backed up by positive feedback from JISC limits this risk materialising.
Unable to complete within budget 2 4 8 Budget is considered sufficient to meet project needs.  Activities are configured to fit within allocated budget.
Inability to engage community 1 5 5 The focus of the project is on community engagement. Using a wide range of techniques, engaging an advisory group and having contacts within the field will help ensure that this issue does not arise.
Inability to engage with m-library project staff 1 4 4 The benefits of engagement will be stressed to C1 and C2 project staff.  Engagement at an early stage will ensure projects are aware of the support project and appropriate mechanisms for engagement are in place.  The JISC programme manager will play an initial role in facilitating the necessary links.
Inability to collect sufficient data 1 5 5 The team has sufficient knowledge of the area and understands that there is enough data to be usefully collated into a resource.  In addition the C1 and C2 strand projects will add more to the evidence base.
Strand C1 and C2 projects fail to report within a suitable timescale to be considered for the support project 5 2 10 The strand C1 and C2 projects run in parallel to the support project.  This presents a challenge in being able to incorporate experiences towards the close of projects in the support project resource.  However, contact with these projects will be ongoing so evidence will be collected as appropriate throughout the support project.  In addition, projects will be encouraged to continue contributing to the sustained community of practice and associated resource after the funded period.
Technical solution not possible to develop 2 4 8 The project is not focussed on technology per se, but on the development of a community and the provision of information online.  As a result existing technologies that communities already use will be exploited negating the need for intensive development of new resources
Community is not sustained 3 5 15 It is expected that the work of the project and the engagement with champions throughout will lead to the development of a vibrant community of practice.  Along with JISC the project team during the course of the project will examine a range of sustainability options.


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