End of project survey – confidence in implementing mobile technologies

This is part of a series of blog posts on the end of project fact finding survey.

We were interested to find out the confidence level in implementing mobile technologies. The figure below shows the results:

Bar chart to show level of confidence in implementing mobile technologies

Bar chart to show level of confidence in implementing mobile technologies

Fortunately, the majority of respondents (72%) felt confident or very confident about implementing mobile technologies in the libraries. However, 26% did not feel confident, and 2% did not feel at all confident.

The comments explaining the reasons for these responses tended to relate to:

  • infrastructure
  • knowledge and skills
  • support from management
  • resources (e.g. time and money) to work on development

Lack of support at senior manager level as well as IT refusing to support mobile technologies (not confident response)

We have the knowledge & skills available, it’s just a case of implementation when we have time (confident response)

We are confident in our ability to offer these services once we have the technology and time to do so, but we’re not so confident that we will be able to find the time to implement these initiatives (confident response)

Flexible strategy in place with full senior management backing and growing expertise among Library staff (very confident response)

The responses emphasise the importance of having these elements in place in order for the staff to feel confident to implement mobile technologies.

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