M-libraries community – future plans

The JISC m-library support project has been listening to the community to understand the needs and how we can help support them in a sustainable way after the project ends. It’s clear from the number of subscribers to both the project blog and to the community website that there is a lot of interest in mobile technologies in libraries. However, traffic to the community site and discussions from the community has been relatively low. We are therefore proposing moving from the community website to an email discussion list which will facilitate discussion and sharing of information via email (which was a common request from the m-libraries information sharing event).

We feel that a web presence is advantageous and appreciate that a mailing list isn’t an ideal solution for discovering information. We therefore propose to continue with a blog (though it may move location). The blog will share news, resources and information of relevance to the area of mobile technologies in libraries, as well as being a way to share case studies and examples of good practice.

A full document of our findings and recommendations is available and we welcome any feedback on the proposed plan.

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