Survey analysis – future m-library initiatives

Unsurprisingly (as the survey respondents were self selecting), most were planning m-library initiatives even if they were not currently doing so.

Many of the open responses were similar to current initiatives, such as considering implementing a mobile app/website or improving the capabilities of the one they already have. Some libraries are considering QR codes to link to resources or increasing those that they have available. Rather than replicate the information already shared in the previous post on current m-library initiatives, we’ll share the unique ideas in this post.

Augmented reality

This was mentioned as something two respondents would like to see in future, though probably as a future wishlist rather than something that is currently being planned.

would like to use augmented reality app for library maps (note “would like!”)

NB: In addition to augmented reality for library resources, there are also examples of how augmented reality could help with other library functions, such as an augmented reality app to help with shelving.


Some respondents commented that they hope to support mobile access to their virtual learning environments in future; both Moodle and Blackboard were mentioned.

NFC technology

Near field communication technology was also mentioned, though again more of a wishlist item than a concrete plan:

Investigating use of mobile phones in libraries using nfc technology



Many respondents are interested in developing their support for mobile technologies and are either in the planning stage or evaluating the potential that such developments would offer, particularly with regards to mobile website or app, and mobile catalogue. There are also a number that are watching developments closely but adopting a wait and see approach.  Hopefully the information we share during the project should help those that are in the planning stages or hope to implement them in future, as well as support those interested in cutting edge developments.

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