Fact finding survey – overview

Many thanks to those of you who completed the fact finding survey we recently published – we had an incredible response and we’re now looking through all the data. We’ll be publishing a number of blog posts over the next couple of weeks to share the findings, and will be using some of the examples you shared to help us with our project.

We had 182 responses to the survey, with the following sector breakdown:

Respondents by sector

Those who chose ‘Other’ were predominantly from health or hospital libraries, whilst we had one responder each from state library, research library, IT Services, and a joint academic and health library. We had no responses from school libraries.

The majority of respondents were from the UK (66%), with other responses from the USA (22%), Australia (6%), Canada (4%), Europe, Africa, Ireland, South America and Asia.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the methods used to disseminate the survey and the self-selecting nature of participants, many of the respondents libraries either already have m-library initiatives (63%) or are planning them in future (90%).

The most common barriers/challenges were lack of technical support, not knowing enough about how to utilise mobile technologies, and it not being a priority for the library or wider organisation.

Participants would like more information and case studies sharing experiences from libraries who have already implemented m-library initiatives, reviews and how to guidance, and a central hub for m-library information.

Suggestions for an m-library community included a place to find and share experience and best practice, technical advice and support (including open source software support), and general help and guidance.

More detailed analysis for specific sections of the survey will follow in a series of blog posts over the next couple of weeks.

If you have any examples of good practice you think we should investigate as part of the project (either your own projects or ones you know about), please submit an example – we’re building quite a list now and it’s great to find out about so many interesting projects. We’ll be looking through all the examples and sharing any useful information or case studies later in the project as well as blogging and tweeting throughout – follow the #mlibs saved search to receive these.

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