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As we begin to gather information for the project, we’d like to get an idea of where libraries are currently at with regards to utilising mobile technologies. We’ve devised a short survey to gather information about what libraries are currently doing, what things are being planned for future, and what further information is needed to help make decisions in this area. This will hopefully help us identify potential case studies or examples of best practice to share, as well as gaining an understanding of information libraries require (that we can hopefully help gather by the end of the project).

The survey also asks about what you would like from an m-library community to help shape development. Think about the communities you use; why do you use them? What features do you like about them? At the moment we don’t know what format the m-library community will take – that’s something to be decided by anyone interested in being part of the community. Is it a central hub for communicating and sharing advice and links that would be useful, or is it somewhere you’d like to be able to collaborate on documents?

If you’re interested in m-library developments or have any thoughts on these areas, please complete our brief online survey: http://svy.mk/mlibs1. The survey is open to all – please feel free to share the link above or QR code below to your contacts via email or social media.

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QR code to survey

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